Welcome to New Tradition

Coming from families of singers, our ministry began in February 1990. We chose our name because we wanted to continue the tradition of our grandparents and parents, but adding a style of our own. The Lord blessed our endeavors and more churches invited us to share our song. We have traveled in the southeast in Tennessee, North Carolina, Arkansas, Mississippi, Alabama, and throughout Georgia.

Our current members include Dan and Jenny Taylor, of Nashville, GA and Stacey Joiner of Sparks, GA.

We have been blessed to record many projects and work with legendary songwriters, Joyce and Colbert Croft and others.

We believe that the Lord has chosen us for this ministry. We have always strived to be in His will in all that we have done and will do. We pray that the anointing that He bestowed upon us in the beginning will remain until He tells us to cease. Itís not about having a number one song or having our name in big lights, but it is about spreading Jesus Christ to people who may never enter a church door to hear the preaching, but will maybe hear a song that will bring conviction or to the Christian who may need a little encouragement. ďNow ainít that what itís all about?Ē